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Dagbreek School for the 
Intellectually Impaired

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Proudly Namibian

Aquaponics, Agra Agricultural Project, Rent-A-Drum, Job Exposure, My World Kids Life Studio



We are so very very proud to announce that Dagbreek School has won the Recycling Competition this year.  Among all the schools participating in Namibia, Dagbreek has collected 179kg per learner over the past year.  First prize! N$10 000.  

To watch the video, please click on the following link
We want to thank Rent-a-Drum and Anita Witt from the Namibia Recycle Forum for their continuing support, our learners and the public for bringing their recyclables to our bins.  

                                          AQUAPONICS PROJECT

Dagbreek School has become one of the very first schools in Namibia to have this wonderful growing centre launched on the 2nd of March, 2016!  
Thanks to Namibia Future Farming Trust (NFF) who initiated this project and who has been supported by the Embassy of Finland through the Fund for Local Cooperation, this project came to life! 

This event was definitely one of our school's highlights so far, being honored with the presence (amongst others) of H. E. Ambassador Anne Saloranta and the staff from the Embassy of Finland, and Former Prime Minister Nahas Angula.  

Picture from New Era (Deon Schlechter)

Amidst our water crisis, Aquaponics comes as a blessing, saving up to 90% of water while continuing to produce organic crops throughout the year.  This project not only saves water, but will create, as aimed by NFF, employment and help eradicate malnutrition.



For the past 6 years the Agra Agricultural project has been actively running at Dagbreek School. 

Most teachers and learners are involved in growing and producing organic fresh produce throughout the year.  This project exposes our learners to develop many functional living skills such as harvesting, cleaning and preparing fresh produce for packaging and selling.  

Dagbreek School are very grateful to Mr Christo van Wyk from Agra who has been actively involved in the project since it began.  


                4th Place in the 2014/15 Rent-A-Drum Recycling Competition

Dagbreek's Recycling project was launched during 2013 by FNB Global United Climate Kick and coordinated by our Senior I Class teacher, Ms Anita Smit.  Our school collects recycling items all year round to be placed in the bins outside the school.  All of our learners are taught about recycling and the importance of saving and protecting nature for a cleaner, healthier future. You can be sure to see our learners actively involved in picking up garbage around the areas surrounding the school under safe and caring supervision.  Our senior learners are volunteering for work on Friday’s at Rent-a-Drum, where they are taught to sort various types of materials for recycling. Rent-a-Drum’s management has expressed their satisfaction of working with our learners and therefore walk the extra mile with our school in providing job exposure and create job opportunities for our learners who are leaving school.  Some of our learners are already working at Rent-a-Drum during holidays, earning an income for themselves.  This project assists tremendously in teaching our school-leavers about independent living and responsibility. Currently Teacher Sanja Klotz is running the recycling programme at the school.  

We invite all residents from surrounding areas of the school to please assist in our project by collecting and placing all items that can be recycled in the bins outside the school in Nelson Mandela Street as well as next to our Farm Stall in Hebenstreit Street.  


Most of the school's Senior Phase learners are involved in job exposure programmes throughout the year.  These programmes have been running between 2 and 4 years.

Learners are given exposure to doing tasks such as packing groceries, filling water and milk bottles and packaging, as well as cleaning and washing.  They also learn to sort recycled materials.  These skills may allow learners a better chance to get a job after they finish school.

We are grateful to the following people and businesses for giving our learners the opportunities to learn valuable life skills:

Mr Abraham from Rent-A-Drum (Link)

Ms Melinda Maasdorp from Pension Alexander (Link)

Mr Ricardo Langbooi from Fruit & Veg (Link)

Checkers, Klein Windhoek (Link)


It is with great pleasure that our school and learners welcome back the dynamic duo Johandra & Millinda. These two ladies are not strangers to our school as they have worked very hard in past to assist our learners with valuable life skills.

My World Kids Life Studio brings the exciting Life Skills programme to our Senior learners.  Their programmes are accredited with the International Coach and Trainer Association.  They are committed to creating a culture of mental well-being in children. 

Johandra & Millinda have been working with our learners weekly, teaching and guiding them to deal with the many challenges of life, including stress management, bullying, and assertiveness training to mention just a few.

For more information on what they offer, feel free to visit them on Facebook: